The story behind our logo

This logo is designed by a good friend Severin Lutz who is actually a young passionate architect from Switzerland. This is his very first logo which captures the image and message that SUVIHEM team wants to send to everyone out there.

There are 2 main reasons behind the tree logo of SUVIHEM:

First of all, the image of the tree can be easily recognized at a quick glance. Why the tree? Simply because a tree offers one many lessons to learn from. On a travel to Croatia in summer 2015, we happened to pick this beautiful inspiring photographs book called "Getting Lost" by JaTawny Muckelvene Chatmon left on the stair step at the Peristil square in Split. Someone had left it there and we were suggested to keep it as long as we needed and leave it somewhere for the next person on our next travel. FYI, we ended up leaving that book in Jerusalem 4 months after that. We devoured the book with all the joy and we found our favorite quote about the tree in the book that goes: "We can learn a lot from a tree. She gives so much without expecting anything in return. Oxygen, shade, fruit,  resources. She is proud of her roots and tough to tear down. Try to be more like a tree. Give without expectations, be proud and be strong."  May we all have the strength and encouragement to stand tall and proud and recognize that we are now living in the now.

Apart from image of a tree, the upper part of the tree appears to have the shape of our beautiful globe with different shades. The truth is if we just stay in one shade, we will likely to see the world with only one perspective. As traveling is the one hell of an ultimate passion of SUVIHEM team members , we encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, take a short break from the daily routine from time to time to go see the world for what it really is and widen one's horizon. Go meet people, get ourselves familiar with the new unfamiliar things such as food, customs, religions and you name it. We firmly believe that travel is a fantastic self-development tool as it allows one to have exposure to diffferent cultural values and metrics. Sometimes what seems obvious in your own life back home might not necessarily the best way to live. Go travel and reexamine it for your own self. We wish everyone the opportunity to explore the farthest reaches of our planet and also our soul. If you get the chance, please do it and do it often.