SuviHem-What does it mean?

SUVI is a combination of 2 words, SU as in Suomi (Finland) and VI as in Vietnam. Putting these 2 together, we have come up with the name SUVI to cherish the good old precious time when the owner spent his exciting student life in Finland and Europe. It is also a Finnish girl name which means Summer in Old Finnish. 

HEM in Swedish language and other Nordic languages with similar pronounciations means home. Coincidentally enough, HEM also means small alley in Vietnamese which is exactly where our hostel is tucked away to help our guests escape the hustle and bustle of downtown and experience the authentic local Vietnamese surrounding of the area. 

Welcome to our little cosy Nordic home in Vietnam. SUVIHEM is your home away from home and it is our great pleasure to be the part of your unforgettable experience in Vietnam.