How to get to SUVIHEM - avoid Taxi Scam

- To get access to free wifi: normaly they do provide free wifi in the airport; but sometimes this wifi does not work. Do not panic, right outside of the exit, on the left side, there is Burger King, and you get free wifi from there :). With WIFI, you can figure things out easier.

And here is the instruction to come to our place.
- Our hostel got 2 addresses for the same building; therefore, please use the address is 68/34 UT TICH, WARD 4 , TAN BINH which easier/closer to locate.
- If you come here by Grab APP (car hailing app similar to UBER), simply input Suvihem as destination, and show the driver the address for him easy to locate.

(For example: in this photo, the fare costs 36,000vnd + 10,000vnd for parking fee. It would be 46,000vnd, around 2usd) 

If you come here by taxi, just simply show him the address.

*Note - if you come from the airport by taxi, do not let the taxi driver scam you. My place is only around 2km away from airport, so 3usd is the good deal for them, maximun is 4 usd :)

Here is the photo of 2 big legit taxi company operated in Hochiminh for your information. 



My contact: 

- My phone number is 01203666452 , add me on whatssap, so it would be easier to communicate through your stay.

For further tips about the city, i can tell you when you are here :)
If you have any further question, please feel free to ask. Happy travel and look forward to meeting you.

By bus

Bus system in the city in general is not efficient in terms of time schedule and bus route, so guests are recommended to use other means of transportation to get around town. However if you wanna experience our bus system, we would recommend using . They have the app available to download to your phone. Simply enter your Depature Location and the Destination adress and it will tell you the bus number and route to our hostel.

By walk

Using the address: 68/34 Ut tich, Phuong 4, Tan Binh, Hochiminh city.

By following Google Maps, from airport, follow this instruction, you would find the alley 68, in front of the Coffee House

Follow 68 Alley, walk straight around 100meter.

On your right side, there would be a new house with some green color and the sign SUVIHEM in front of the house. 

Here is our place - Suvihem !

Using the address: 27/33 Nguyen Dinh Khoi, Phuong 4, Tan Binh, Hochiminh city.

Taxi drivers often drop you here at 27 Nguyen Dinh Khoi. 
Follow this Alley 27 (Hem 27), with the pink house, walk straight around 100 meter.

You will find our hostel on your left side.