How to do Self-Check in at SuviHem

03 Tháng 02

How to do Self-Check in at SuviHem

In case, your flighs get delayed or you arrive rather late at our hostel after midnight, we offer guests the self check-in service. Guests are provided with the door passcode and your room detail in the private message. Check yourself in and get yourself a good sleep and we will be at ur assistance and do proper check-in the next morning. 


-We do not provide self check-in option for dorm room, since we want to keep dorm room quiet for our staying guests. Late check-in dorm guests would disturb other sleeping guests in the dorm, so we do not provide this option for dorm guests. Sorry for any inconvience !! 

Please watch the video which shows the instruction on how to enter the code and close the door correctly. Written instruction is also shown below. 

The Doorcode is ------* (please make sure to press the * button at the end to unlock the door)

- How to enter the doorcode:

   1. Open the box of the digital lock.

   2. Swipe the pad with 2 fingers and you should see the light and numbers come up now.

   3. Enter the provided codes and the door will open.  (please make sure to press the * button at the end to unlock the door)

   4. Once you get into the house, please make sure to have the door behind you CLOSED properly by holding the door firmly for 5 seconds until you hear the sound.

   5. Great, now welcome to SuviHem! Please go up to the common room (kitchen) upstairs, on the table you should find a note with your name and your room floor. You should see your name written on the door of your room as well. For example - Tapsa Mai- Private Room. Welcome! This is your room!

   6. Get yourself a good sleep. And we will do proper check-in tomorrow :) 

Should you have any problem getting into the house, please call my number +84 703666452 

Good luck and look forward to meeting you!